The microwave in our home has not been used once for heating food. *gasp* I have a feeling I know what you might be thinking. The truth is, the microwave (as convenient as it is) was probably one of the most difficult things we gave up when it came to changing our lifestyle to a healthy one. But, it's definitely one of the best decisions we've ever made. Why? Read these two articles to find out what microwaving does to your food.

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Do You Microwave Your Food? You?re Zapping Away Nutrients and Risking Your Health

The information is kind of shocking, don't you think? Who knew? But now that you know the dangers associated with microwaving the nutritious, organic food you spend your hard-earned money on, what are your options when it comes to heating food? I'm so glad you asked …

1. Steam: Our little steamer (approx. $30) gets used at least once a day. It's perfect for vegetables and rice and uses little energy.

2. Oven: I only use the oven when I have to because it does cost more to heat up. But it's perfect for pizza, casseroles, muffins/cupcakes, lasagna, etc.

3. Skillet: I will use this method to re-heat most meals, adding a little water to the bottom of the pan and cover it, so the food steams quickly.

4. Panini press or counter-top grill: This is great to warm up a chicken breast or hamburger.

5. Grill: This works well if you have time to spare and good weather. You can wrap your food in foil, creating a pouch, and let it steam on the grill.

Just as important as the good, nutritious food you buy is how you cook that food. Cook it in a way that allows you to get the most nutritional benefit as possible (use one of the methods mentioned above)—your body will thank you.