• Does almost every new years resolution include getting healthy or losing weight?

• Have you tried just about every diet known to mankind and achieved little to no results or temporary results?

• Are you tired of playing the weight loss game?

• Do you wonder why you can't lose weight even though you try really hard?

• Are you confused about the conflicting messages regarding nutrition, health, and weight loss?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will enjoy and benefit from the information shared in Covenant Natural Health Care's January workshop presented by Dr. Blanchard. You'll learn 6 key factors for successful weight loss and discover 6 quick pearls for weight control.

Weight loss workshop

I asked Dr. Blanchard to comment on fad diets and temporary weight loss results:

Literally, there are thousands of diet plans out there that either don't work at all or work for a brief amount of time. And certainly there is no one diet plan that works for everybody all the time.  If that was true, there would be one diet plan for everybody and that's it.
"What most people don't realize is that weight reduction and control is not about counting calories, it's about what type of calories are being consumed.  The type of calories has a lot to do with what kinds of "foods" that are eaten.
"And most people approach weight reduction in the wrong way. It's not eating to lose weight (or gain weight), but eating to improve health. Weight control usually follows.

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