Some of Covenant Natural Health Care’s tips for a natural and healthy lifestyle!

A young woman sitting at her desk at work holding her head due to a headache.

Headaches: Natural Prevention & Treatment

A spread of heart healthy foods such as blueberries, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds in small heart shaped ramekins.

Eat More of These Foods to Reduce Blood Pressure

Homemade deodorant surrounded by the ingredients used to make it.

Making Your Own Deodorant

A large and colorful spread of several varieties of low glycemic fruits and vegetables including strawberries, bell peppers, kale, carrots, and asparagus.

Low Glycemic Fruits and Veggies List

Cucumber, lemon, and mint infused water in a mason jar drinking glass.

The Importance of Proper Hydration

A large and colorful collection of healthy fruits and vegetables included grapes, peppers, berries, tomatoes, and more.

What Do I Eat Now?

A jar of natural honey surrounded by colorful flowers.

Sugar Substitutes

A young woman sneezing outside due to allergies.

Chronic Sinus and Allergy Relief Tips

A clear glass mug of hot tea surrounded by honey, cinnamon, and lemons.

Staying Healthy Through Cold and Flu Season

Examples of healthy proteins such as salmon, eggs, nuts, and chia seeds on a wooden cutting board.

Protein: What You Need to Know

Multiple nutrition fact labels in various colors spread out on a table.

Nutrition Labeling: Not Just the Facts!

A group of five yellow dandelions growing among grass.

Natural Alternatives to Roundup

A young woman practicing self care after a shower.

Managing Stress

A product photo of a bottle of Immune-Boosting Supplement Immuplex by Standard Process against a plain white background.

Immune-Boosting Supplement: Immuplex

A table covered in bowls full of gummy worms, mixed nuts, popcorn, and chips beside two glasses of soda.

How to Deal With the Pattern of Emotional Eating

A blank journal sitting on a table beside a gold pen and a mug of hot tea.

Food Journaling: The “Write” Way to Success

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