It's my favorite time of year! CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and local farmer's markets are starting up, it's time to move plants that were started indoors, outdoors, and time to plant direct-sow seeds. Fresh, local produce is truly around the corner.

It's easy to find most farmer's markets via a search online, through local advertising or through Buying locally has many advantages (see my top-10-reasons list), the most important one being that you know exactly where your food comes from and you know it's fresh. Too much produce these days is being shipped from other countries and you just can't rely on the government to police the shipments like they should—there is too much coming in and too little resources to make that happen.

If you didn't get a chance to start seeds indoors or wasn't considering starting a garden, it's not too late to either start seeds directly outdoors. Or, you can buy plants from a trusted, organic nursery that are ready to plant outside. My absolute favorite nursery to buy organic plants from is Marvin's Organic Gardens up in Lebanon, Ohio. I know it's a little drive from Northern Kentucky, but well worth it—especially if you want healthy plants ready to go in the ground for a good price. My husband and I are heading up there tomorrow to get some strawberry plants and maybe a few other things.

I encourage you to shop as locally as possible for all your food needs this summer. It supports your local farmers and ensures you are getting great food! And, don't forget that you can freeze/can/dehydrate foods and herbs to store for winter months.