My grocery list contains just about the same amount of items and same type of items every week, but the $$$ keep rising. Personally, my grocery bill is $30 higher than it was several months ago. I consider that to be a decent hike in prices in less than a years time. What gives? Food prices are skyrocketing and there may not be much relief from it in the near future.

Of course, buying local will help alleviate some of the purchasing pain, but the #1 way you can save money on pure, organic food is to grow it in your own backyard. There are many reasons why growing your own food is good for you:
• You'll never question where it came from or how fresh the crop is
• Gardening is fun and can be a stress reliever
• It's a great way to spend time outdoors soaking up natural vitamin D
• You can save $$$ on your weekly grocery shopping
• You'll have enough produce (in most cases) to preserve and enjoy all winter long
• Playing in the dirt can bring out your inner child 🙂
• You'll get to enjoy the pure taste food that only has to travel between the plant and your dinner table and touched by you

Frankly, the list could continue on and on, the benefits are endless. It's time to consider planting a garden this year. The time is near when seeds will need to be started indoors and cold-weather crops will need to be planted outdoors. So, I encourage you to think about your favorite types of produce and what you'd like to spend and save this summer when it comes to $$$. I must note that gardening is definitely an investment, especially the first year. It may be that you come out even the first year you garden, it just depends on the route you take. But, regardless, the seeds you plant and grow will be a blessing to you in so many ways. Now that I've planted the seed, do some research on gardening. I'll be revisiting this topic often as Spring presents itself.

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