Every year, I cringe at the thought of company benefit meetings. You know, where they tell me how much of an increase there's going to be in my health insurance premium. Just when I think it can't get much worse, I'm shockingly surprised every time I see the numbers.

Fortunately, there is something that we can do to help drive down those numbers. We can invest in a simple healthcare plan that's affordable and will, in the long-run, lower our medical expenses and reduce or eliminate ties to pharmaceuticals that may be addicting or harmful to our health. This healthcare plan is called nutrition. That's it. Simple, right? It's the top of the line, best health insurance you can invest in. 

Just like a good car will run on low-quality fuel for a time before it has damaging effects, the same is true of our body. Your health rides on nutrition—the quality of food you put into your
body. It's only a matter of time before a body on a low-quality food diet will crash.


A good diet consisting of organic protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts will ultimately lead to less illnesses, doctor visits, and prescription drugs. Ultimately, lowering the cost of healthcare premiums.

The best thing about getting health insurance through a good nutritional program is that you're making good use of every cent you spend. This is not the case with traditional health insurance in which you pay high premiums and wait for an emergency—do you really get back all that you put into these premiums every year? If you answered yes to this question, maybe it's time to invest in another healthcare plan that will help you achieve optimal health through nutrition.

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