I don't like to run the oven much in the summer. It's much more fun to be outside grilling and getting a nice, healthy dose of vitamin D via sunshine. But the thing is, I don't like just plain grilled food—I love lots of flavor. So, Monday's recipes are really a taste of summer.

I hear that one of the hardest snack foods to give up is potato chips. We can completely agree with you in the Eggert house! So, when I came across this recipe for grilled salt and vinegar potatoes, I couldn't wait to try them.

Salt and vinegar potatoes

If I had six thumbs, I'd give them six thumbs up.They are bursting with flavor and I can guarantee they won't last long. They are very easy to prepare and grill and they pair nicely with a juicy burger! Get the recipe here.

How about a watermelonade to accompany the above? Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruits. It has low sugar content and is deliciously sweet without adding sugar. It's a nice change from lemonade and I'd venture to say that this would make a great popsicle for kids (if you have popsicle molds at home).

Watermelonade with limejpg

Shopping List:

1 watermelon
3 organic limes
bottle of sparkling water
honey to taste (optional)


Juice enough watermelon (I juiced 1/2 a watermelon) to make 1 quart on juice (this is what will fit in a normal size pitcher). Also juice 3 limes. Now, if you don't have a juicer, you can blend the watermelon and the lime (peel lime first) in a blender and then pour it through a strainer to get rid of any chunks. Pour into a pitcher, add a little honey (if desired), and stir. Pour into serving glasses and add sparkling water and ice.

Note: If this drink sits for awhile, the lime juice will separate from the watermelon and will need to be stirred.

I've got lots of great info and more recipes for you this week—like a healthy, delicious snack to replace popcorn and a recipe that will help you get more bang for you buck when it comes to organic vegetables. So I hope you'll stop by and visit me often this week.