It's not often that I fall madly in love with a recipe or a new cookbook, but it happened last weekend. A co-worker raved about a new recipe she tried from the Stone Soup blog, a blog dedicated to using 5 ingredients with a prep time of 10 minutes. Of course I had to check it out as soon as I got home.

I downloaded the FREE eCookbook and scrolled through all 97 pages drooling over the the amazing photography and recipes. I think I wrote down 6 that I wanted to try immediately. The first being warm butter beans with rosemary & garlic (page 13 of the eCookbook).

Butter beans

I was skeptical. I'd never had butter beans and they are a little challenging to find, but I did find canned organic butter beans at Whole Foods. Seriously, though, this might be my new favorite dish. It's so easy and quick and the 4 ingredients are so flavorful. I think it'd be a wonderful side dish with most meals. You have to try it! Download the eCookbook and scroll to page 13 for the recipe.

If you're pinched for time these days, this cookbook will be super handy for quick, wholesome meals. I know I'll be turning to it often in my kitchen. Jules, the owner of the Stone Soup blog has a new eCookbook with 131 recipes, called 5 ingredients 10 minutes for $35, that I think I'm going to order. Oh, how I'd love to take the 4-week virtual cooking class she's offering! 

Even if cooking isn't your thing, I bet you can whip up some of these recipes in no time and enjoy the end result!

Tipoftheday Challenge yourself to trying 1 or 2 new recipes a week. Cooking and eating the same meals every day quickly lead to burnout for the cook and the eater. Trying new things can be fun for the whole family. Ask what new things they'd like to try and do a Google search for recipes that fit your dietary needs. Your family may be more willing to help out with the cooking process if they feel involved.

If you come across recipes you've tried or a new cookbook that you love, let me know and I might feature it here.