Basil and organic curry

Shopping List:

• 1 package organic, antibiotic and hormone-free, skinless, boneless chicken breasts (or tenders)
• 1 can coconut milk, organic if possible (I love Trader Joe's brand)
• Handful of fresh basil, cut in small pieces, to taste 
• Bunch of fresh chives, chopped, to taste
• Organic Curry, to taste (I like 1 tablespoon, but if you love curry, you could add more)
• Shredded coconut to taste (a great resource for bulk shredded coconut is Tropical Traditions. As of today, their gallon size shredded coconut is 50% off)
• 1 cup of brown rice or thai rice noodles (I only had white on hand, but I prefer thai noodles. Gluten-free rice would work, too)

Shredded coconut 


Combine the chicken, coconut milk, curry, chives, and basil in a skillet, cover and cook until chicken is cooked through (20-25 minutes). Stir occasionally. While chicken is cooking, cook the rice or noodles according to package instructions. When both are done, place rice or noodles on a plate and top with chicken mixture and pan juices. Top with leftover fresh basil and shredded coconut.

Thai chicken and rice