Homemade blackberry jam

Now is the time to find ways to preserve the best of summer—whether it be freezing, canning, or drying. We picked up fresh blackberries from the local farmer's market to make freezer jam (the easiest jam to make). Most recipes you find for preserves are filled with processed sugar. Freezer jam can be made with 100% fruit juice (preferably juiced yourself), or 100% juice from the store and honey. Click here for the recipe. The only way my recipe differed is that I used blackberries and I added cinnamon to mine and I used little 4oz jars.

Click here for tips to preserve basil.

You have to try this warm butternut squash and chickpea recipe—absolutely one of my all-time favorites!!

This recipe, for zucchini and almond pasta salad, is on my list of things to try this weekend.

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