I, personally, do not like to wear a lot of makeup—the only two cosmetics I really can't part with are mascara and lip balm. Ever since changing my diet to whole, organic foods, I don't need really need to wear a lot of fake color. That's the beauty of eating well and staying hydrated—it is reflected in my skin.

But, there are occasions where makeup is a nice complement to dressing up. And, let's face it, there are days where lack of sleep and stress take it's toll on the skin and a little makeup can do wonders. The problem is that most cosmetics are filled with chemicals that can be easily absorbed through the skin, causing further damage or irritation. The sad thing is that you can't trust a label these days. A lot of cosmetic companies have jumped on the green & natural bandwagon. So, it's extremely important to read labels on cosmetics, just like food labels.

I've tried a lot of makeup brands and haven't really been satisfied with my findings. Most products irritated my sensitive skin, contained toxic ingredients, clogged my pores, or was just too cake-y. But, I didn't give up in my search. After much research, I found Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation. I've been using it for several weeks now and absolutely love it. I don't have one complaint, surprisingly (I'm about as picky as they come when it comes to makeup). This skin-brightening foundation feels light on the skin and blends into the skin wonderfully. The best part? It does not contain any of these toxic things:

 – Sulfates 
- Synthetic Fragrances
 – Synthetic Dyes 
- Petrochemicals
 – Phthalates 
- GMOs
 – Triclosan

Naturally glowing skin that is healthy starts on the inside. But for a little extra help, I highly recommend this foundation.