It's hard to imagine that bathing and showering can actually be harmful to your health, but it's very true. Skin is the largest organ and the way we treat it is just as important as what we consume. Too many bath products are full of chemicals and preservatives and every time we shower our skin absorbs them. Just as you choose healthy, organic foods, you should also choose healthy, chemical-free bath products, from the shampoo to the shaving cream. Watch this video, read the article that goes with it, and click here to read a blog post on natural beauty (and read this one, too) that I wrote several months ago on this topic.


Tipoftheday The condition of your skin is a good indicator of what's going on inside your body. If you're having severe breakouts, dry skin, rosacea, etc, chances are good that something's not working properly on this inside. And, the truth is that you will continue to fight your skin until you get to the root of the problem—Nutrition Response Testing can do just that. Call us today to schedule an appointment.