There are many, many things in our home and environment that we come in contact with on a daily basis that may have a negative effect on our hormones. We may typically think that when we refer to the word hormones, that we're excluding men—this is not the case as men have hormones, too.

Hormone disrupters include chemicals, metals, pesticides, some foods (soy), phthalates, hormones and antibiotics fed to animals, etc. They may be in products like cosmetics, pesticides, plastics, processed foods, fresh non-organic foods, cleaning products, vaccines, animal protein, etc. Read about 10 toxic everyday things in your home and check out this list of hormone disrupters.

I realize that it is almost impossible to avoid every single one of these things, but you can limit your exposure and become educated on the subject—especially if you're experiencing hormone-related side effects.

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