inflammationInflammation is part of the muscle-building process and part of our immune system’s response to an attack but it can also cause heart disease, cancer, and diabetes! These 3 diseases count for 70% of deaths in the United States. So we want to keep inflammation at bay in most cases and the following are some tips that can help you… 

Keep Good Bacteria in Your Gut

Years of bad eating habits and antibiotics can deplete your gut of “Good Bacteria.” Good bacteria or Probiotics helps you reduce inflammation, digest your food better, and lose weight. 

Eliminate Items From Your Diet to See What’s Causing Inflammation

If you are getting inflammation over and over then it’s probably because of something you are eating. Start and elimination diet and slowly add foods to your diet so you can see how you react. If you add a new item and the inflammation comes back, you may find the problem. Keep a food journal.  Also, if you have healed your gut, you’ll be able to handle more types of food than ever before.

Add Fresh Fish to Your Diet and Swap Vegetable Oils for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Do both of these suggests will help you balance your omegas since most American diets are high in omega-6 and low in omega-3.  Make sure to not eat fish that are high in mercury. Do some research but the rule of thumb is the smaller the fish the lower the mercury counts. Sardines and Krill oils are a good choice.

Make Sure to Sleep More

Lack of sleep can bring all kinds of problems with it. Make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night because getting less than 6 can increase inflammation.  

Reduce Your Stress

Repeated stress puts extra strain on your blood pressure which puts extra strain on your blood vessels which can cause inflammation. Mediation is a powerful way to reduce your stress and it also helps you memory, boost your immune system, and enjoy life more. Yoga and walking or exercising is also a great way to reduce stress. 

Covenant Natural Health Care has proven ways to help you eat better, get a healthier gut, reduce your stress levels, and get more rewarding sleep!

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