You really can turn almost any recipe into a healthy one but swapping out the bad ingredients with nutritious ones. So, turn your holiday fare into a healthy one by using some of these guidelines.

*Disclaimer: Obviously these substitutions won't work for everything, but they are a good guideline to start with. If you don't feel like being creative with recipes, you can Download our Thanksgiving recipe cards and have your entire meal planned out for you—you just do the buying, chopping and cooking.

white processed sugar
honey: a little less than 1:1 ratio because honey is a little sweeter than sugar
sucanat: 1:1
stevia: click here to view a chart

bleached white flour
whole wheat flour: 1:1
1/2 cup oat flour (can use gluten-free) plus 1/2 cup rice flour: 1:1

cheap vegetable oils (canola, vegetable, palm, corn oil)
no-sugar applesauce: 1:1
olive oil: 1:1
coconut oil:1:3/8 (make sure all the ingredients are at room temp so that the coconut oil does not solidify)

1 cup of shortening
1/2 cup butter plus 3/8 cup coconut oil

coconut milk: 1:1
almond milk: 1:1
rice milk: 1:1
goat's milk: 1:1

butter: 1:1

Tipoftheday If you want to have the "talk of the town" pumpkin pie recipe, look no further! I served this recipe (in tartelette form) at the last cooking workshop. It can be made healthy with some of the substitutions above and by eliminating most of the sugar and crystallized ginger in the struesal topping.