Toxins Are Your Enemy. It feels a bit like stating the obvious or an overplayed record, but it really can’t emphasize it enough: toxins are the enemy of vibrant health and high performance. Toxins trigger inflammation, disrupt metabolism and mess with hormonal balance. Toxins make you feel and perform worse than you should.

It’s All About Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are probably the single biggest source of hidden toxins in our foods, and wheat and corn are the biggest sources of mycotoxins in our food supply. Many toxins slip through the safety net. Some information is even kept from public knowledge. Mycotoxins have been connected to hormone disruption, immunosuppressant, increased inflammation and even cancer. Needless to say, all stuff you want to avoid.

The Effect of Mycotoxins

A mycotoxin is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms Of the fungus kingdom. The term mycotoxin is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi that readily colonize crops. One mold species may produce many different mycotoxins, and several species may produce the same mycotoxin. The ill effect of mold and fungi in wheat and corn can cause…

  • Hormone disruption
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system suppression
  • Cancer risk
  • Can damage DNA
  • Gastrointestinal imbalances
  • Linked to reproductive disorders
  • Damaged kidneys

Try To Remove Wheat and Corn from Your Diet

In the US wheat and corn are the two biggest agricultural foods marketed. These grains sometimes sit for months before being released to transport to market. Large amounts are harvested and stored in huge grain silos. Mold Formation forms the longer the grains sit in those silos. 90% of corn tested contains a level of mycotoxins and 80% of wheat hold mycotoxins.

Make Healthy Changes

Cooking kills mold but does not remove toxins. Mycotoxins in wheat and corn are harmful to the body. How do you make healthy changes for better quality health? Substitute rice and quinoa since they are less susceptible to developing mold due to storage methods. Beer is the worse liquor to drink. Beer is made from corn and wheat. This makes mycotoxins level very high. If you enjoy an occasional drink consider vodka, rum or tequila which does not use grains in their makeup. Wine is another option but may contain moderate levels of mycotoxins.

Health Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

A gluten-free diet can have a variety of health benefits, such as improving cholesterol levels, promoting digestive health, and increasing energy levels.. If you choose to start a gluten-free diet, you are actually eliminating a variety of foods from your diet that are unhealthy. Fried foods would be off limits, because of the breading, and desserts high in sugar and fat would be removed from your diet completely. As more people understand how gluten and mycotoxins affects their lives, the more they are moving toward is eliminating specific foods from the diet. The overall effect is improved well being and increased performance in life.

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