the-fluThere are several ways that exist that can naturally boost your immune system to help fight off  the flu. With the flu season coming, it is important to stay as healthy as possible. Consider these natural prevention methods…

How is Your Sleep Schedule?

Just like it becomes harder for you to get your daily tasks done if you’re tired and stressed, if your body is overly fatigued or burned out it will be harder for it to fight the flu. Gaining quality sleep is vital to top health and will help the body fight viruses, flu, and colds. Medical studies show individuals who have even three nights of lower quality sleep suffer from a drop in immune system will become weakened. Sleeping with limited light , no TV or radios in the sleeping areas and keeping the temperature around 65-68 and moving the alarm clock at least three feet away from the bed is beneficial.

How is Your Stress Level?

When researchers from Carnegie Mellon University infected study participants with a common cold virus, those who had reported being under stress were twice as likely to get sick. Chronic stress creates havoc on the body. The more cortisol ( the stress hormone) flowing through the body, the less responsive the immune system is to catching the colds, viruses or flu. Take a night out with friends, read a good book, turn up the music are good idea for reducing your stress level. If you are faced with chronic stress you should seek professional assistance to manage and protect your health.

What is your Exercise Plan?

If you are exercising regularly the likelihood of your acquiring a cold or other viral illness is significantly reduced, and studies have clearly shown this. In one such study, staying active cut the risk of contracting a cold by 50 percent, and cut the severity of symptoms by 31 percent among those who did catch a cold. The researchers noted that each round of exercise may lead to a boost in circulating immune system cells that could help ward off a virus. Wintertime seems to create an atmosphere of hibernation for many people. During the cooler months, it is important to keep moving.

Are you taking Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is also known to have a direct immune-modulating effect on CD8 T cells (A cytotoxic T cell is a white blood cell that kills cells that are infected particularly with viruses or cells that are damaged in other ways.). As more time is spent inside, vitamin D deficiencies are common in the winter. This was revealed in a study published in 2010. Vitamin D can be provided in the diet by adding egg yolks, Swiss cheese, Mushrooms and fatty fish. For a natural alternative, consider taking a high quality dietary supplement.

Can You Kick the Sugar Habit?

Sugar intake creates cellular changes in the body. The variations which occur in the cells suppress the immune system response. Can your sugar intake cause cold and flu? The answer is yes. Of course, a single intake of sugary foods and/or drinks will not bring you down with the flu. However, continuous and regular consumption of sugar can weaken your immune system enough to impair its ability to fight off infections. Eliminate white breads, white pastas, and sugared products from the diet to gain the most optimal health outcomes naturally.

Does it seem like you get the flu every year?  We can help you change some habits and beat the flu natuarlly.

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