For lunch, yesterday, I stopped at Fresh Market, which is right down the road from where I work. They don't carry a lot in the way of organic food, are a little expensive for my budget, and they have bins of sugary candy in the front of the store. For me, Fresh Market is always a nice shopping experience, but often leaves me disappointed in product.

I didn't buy any meat product because it wasn't labeled as being hormone and antibiotic-free—two things that I definitely won't compromise on. So, that left me with few vegetarian choices. I really wanted vegetarian sushi rolls so I stood there debating whether or not to get them after reading the label.

Sushi label

Essentially, I didn't find anything too unhealthy about the sushi rolls themselves. I'd prefer that they not have sugar at all.

The sushi rolls were good. What I left on my plate, though, was the wasabi and the pickled ginger, which I used to LOVE—until I read what is actually in it.

• FDA food color #40, FD&C yellow #5 and FDC blue #1: Want to know more about artificial food coloring? Read this informative article. "… look for natural food coloring ingredients. There are products colored with beet juice, a much healthier way to color food; annatto, a very healthy plant source; or turmeric, a fantastic herb with anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties."

• Sorbitol (sugar substitute): sorbitol can cause diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and flatulence

• Aspartame: Recent studies in Europe show that aspartame use can result in an accumulation of formaldehyde in the brain, which can damage your central nervous system and immune system and cause genetic trauma. Read more here and google aspartame for other dangerous health effects.

• Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): Check out this website on MSG truths.

• Flavors: I'm always, always concerned about this ingredient. Why hide ingredients under flavors? If they can't be listed, it's a red flag that the product may contain ingredients the manufacturer does not want you to know about.

To eat healthy and make good choices, we have to be avid label readers. The only person who will look out for your best interest is you. Download this list of ingredients that you should avoid, tuck it away in your purse or wallet and take it shopping with you.

Tipoftheday With a little practice, vegetable sushi rolls can be a fun and easy snack when made fresh at home. Google how to make sushi rolls, and you'll find lots of information online.