Last night, I watched Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child. It's a story of a mother's quest to find the truth behind the reason of her son's suicide. This documentary really struck a chord with me because my husband had been severely impacted by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. I could relate so much to this video, so I experienced a lot of emotions in an hour and a half:

Anger: Children are being prescribed psychiatric drugs that are harming their little (or teen) bodies.
Frustration: It seems there is no end in sight to this practice of prescribing drugs to mask symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem.
Heartache: The mothers who've experienced loss while doing what they thought to be right with the information (or lack there of, rather) they were given.
Fear: Where is this country headed now that there is a pill for everything? Doesn't it seem like everyone, including children, is being prescribed a pill for something?

I highly recommend you watch the video, no matter what you believe to be true about pharmaceuticals. You need to be informed with the truth and know that one child's (or adult) death is one too many, especially for something that could have been prevented. You'll hear amazing stories from mothers who experienced loss due to kids taking the drugs, mothers who took drugs when pregnant, and mothers who refused to accept the prescription and found alternative methods for healing including diet and nutrition. You'll even get to hear from M.D.s who disagree with the meds being given to our children. And you'll definitely be shocked at the mental health testing going on in schools without parental consent.

Watching the video will take 90 minutes of your time and you can watch it FREE online here. Please, please share with parents everywhere! The biggest regret all the mothers had on this video is that they didn't have all the information they needed to make a good decision or they were misinformed—we can't let this be the case anymore.