The staff photo for patient advocate Sarah Lowry. She is a young woman with medium length blonde hair wearing a short sleeved teal shirt.

Sarah L

Patient Advocate

About Sarah

In March of 2022, Sarah was looking for help to heal her body from damage caused by antibiotics. She was referred to Covenant Natural Health Care and became a patient. Upon entering the building, she felt there was something special and different about the place. It only continued to get better after receiving treatment through the program.

Ironically, Sarah was pursuing schooling to become a PA (physician assistant), but God had other plans to make her a PA (patient advocate) in natural, holistic medicine.

She is currently a college student working toward her Bachelor of Health Sciences and wants to continue her education to pursue a career in natural, holistic medicine.

When Sarah is not at Covenant Natural Health Care, she loves to be outside, exercising, or spending time with her family.