The staff photo of owner and founder Melissa Dyer Fredrick. She is a young woman with long blonde hair wearing a pink blouse.

Melissa Dyer Fredrick, RN, BSN


Advanced Muscle Response Testing Practitioner

About Melissa

Melissa received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northern Kentucky University in 2008. Additionally, she earned the professional certificate of Advanced Muscle Response Testing Practitioner in 2011.

She is the proud owner of Covenant Natural Health Care, where she applies her registered nursing skills and advanced muscle testing to help people achieve their optimum level of health and healing. Melissa has been helping people for almost a decade to restore their health using this non-invasive, precise method of muscle testing to design an individualized clinical nutrition program. She understands the importance of meeting people on their level with changing dietary routines, and replacing everyday products with healthier, non-toxic options. She is passionate about educating the community with the truth about the food we eat, the products we use, and how to incorporate a new lifestyle in order to feel your best and maintain the health and healing that is available.

When Melissa is away from Covenant Natural Health Care, she enjoys adventures with her husband, walking and hiking with her dogs, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, spending quality time with God and learning more about walking in connection with Him.