The staff photo for Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Patient Advocate Marsha Brown. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a bright green blouse with puffy sleeves.

Marsha B, B.S., CECP, CBCP

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner | Patient Advocate

About Marsha

Marsha received her Bachelor of Science from West Virginia University. She became a Patient Advocate at Covenant Natural Health Care in January 2021.

For years, she has been a proponent of holistic healing, utilizing the application of a healthy diet of unprocessed, organically sourced food and supplements. Through her multi-faceted careers, she has always sought to help those in need with the usage of healthy diets, mindful routines, and by educating herself with the most recent advancements of holistic health. Marsha’s passion is passing the knowledge she has gained onto others so that they may begin their healing journey and live a healthier, more mindful life.

When Marsha is not at Covenant Natural Health Care, she enjoys traveling with her children, daily walks with her dog, Groot, and enjoying the company of her four children, Madeline, Grant, Davis, and Will.