The staff photo for Advanced Muscle Response Testing Practitioner Maria Robertson. She is a young woman with chin length brown hair wearing a dark green blouse.

Maria Robertson, APRN

Advanced Muscle Response Testing Practitioner

About Maria

Maria is a native of Northern Kentucky and has a passion for helping people feel better. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Kentucky, she moved back home and started her career as an intensive care nurse. While she loved taking care of the sickest of sick patients, she felt the need to prevent people from getting sick. She went back to school and became a primary care nurse practitioner. After spending a few years in her career as a nurse practitioner, she realized that she wasn’t necessarily keeping people from getting sick, but rather keeping them sick. This is when she found Covenant Natural Health Care and started working on her dream of getting people healthy and keeping them healthy.

Outside of Covenant Natural Health Care, Maria is a wife and mom. She has four young kids who keep her busy. She enjoys cooking and dislikes laundry. She has hopes that one day she will get to return to her love of traveling with her husband and seeing new sites!