The staff photo for front desk specialist Libbie A Mazza. She is a young woman who shoulder length brown hair wearing a short sleeved dark blue blouse.

Libbie A

Front Desk Specialist

About Libbie

Libbie joined the Covenant Natural Health Care team at the beginning of August 2022 as both a Front Desk Specialist and Patient Advocate. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communication Studies.

Growing up, Libbie suffered from chronic fatigue, gut issues, and painful periods. She went to many doctors, but found little relief. After being diagnosed with endometriosis, most days she wasn’t able to eat anything without being bloated or nauseous. Most doctors said it was a dairy or gluten issue, but it never seemed to help. She felt lost and hopeless.

A friend shared that he went to a holistic doctor for stomach issues and encouraged her to check it out. After trying everything else, it sounded like a great option. He was right! Fatigue consistently got better, periods weren’t as painful, and she ended up losing weight overall. God really had His hand in improving her overall health and quality of life.

When Libbie is not at Covenant Natural Health Care, she loves to pursue photography, traveling with her friends and fiancé, and listening to vinyls.