The staff photo for office administrator Katie Vieth. She is a young woman with dark brown curly hair with glasses and is wearing a navy polka dotted sleeveless blouse.

Katie V

Office Administrator

About Katie

Katie joined Covenant Natural Health Care in August 2021 as a Front Desk Specialist. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design, a Master of Science in Sports Management with a Business Minor, and one year completed toward a Master of Business Administration degree.

As a competitive athlete for many years, nutrition and health have always been important to Katie. After a serious car accident in 2014, Katie had to learn a new way to function in life. It took a toll on her body and health. A family member suggested she check out Covenant Natural Health Care and, with their guidance, found healing through Muscle Response Testing and dietary changes. She finally found a solution that the medical field could not.

In her free time, you’ll find Katie expanding her garden, growing her own food, and helping others do the same.