The staff photo of registered nurse Julie Emerson. She is a young woman with long brown hair wearing a pink shirt with lace details.

Julie E, RN, BSN

Associate Muscle Response Testing Practitioner & Nutrition Counselor

About Julie

Julie has been working in healthcare since she was 16 years old, starting in a nursing home and then transitioning to the hospital setting later. She graduated from Thomas More College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She was previously a nurse in an adult intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, and oncology infusion center.

In 2017, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cancer treatments took her down a path of chronic fatigue, anemia, and more. Her physicians tried to help her feel “healthy” again, but nothing seemed to work. Julie came to Covenant Natural Health Care and quickly realized she had never known what being truly healthy felt like. She wants to share this experience with others to help them feel the same way. Julie believes that God has given her a calling to heal people and that Covenant Natural Health Care is giving her a new career to accomplish that calling.

When Julie is not at Covenant, she is homeschooling her three boys with her husband. She enjoys being outside as much as possible, gardening, crafting, and being with her family.