Picture of Hannah.

Hannah W

Front Desk Specialist

About Hannah

From a very young age, I made a conscious effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle focusing on my diet and ensuring a consistent exercise routine. Being in tune with my body became second nature, yet I had no idea where my passion for health would lead me.

My personal healing journey began in 2021 when I suffered from severe acne. Deep down, I knew something was off, and I was determined to get to the root of the problem. Having seen a holistic chiropractor for many years and having witnessed the benefits of Muscle Response Testing (MRT), it was natural for me to turn to them to learn what my body needed to heal. Despite my mind being set on a holistic approach, I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist to see what they may suggest. My exam and bloodwork came back “normal” and the recommended treatment options were either birth control or Accutane. I respectfully declined their advice and was more eager to put this puzzle together because my doctors couldn’t do it for me.

Fast forward to 2023 when I graduated from college and was trying to find my career path. For me it was important to find something that not only fulfilled me but was also guided by my faith and what God was calling me to do. The constant pull towards holistic health and wellness remained steadfast, yet I didn’t have a direct path and was very lost.

I spoke to naturopathic doctors in California, Ohio and Kentucky, shadowed nurses, and attended webinars but nothing felt right. I tried directing my focus to a completely different career path; finance, which I quickly realized was not the journey I was intended to be on.

After prayerful discernment, I fully surrendered my career path to God, it was then that I was introduced to Covenant Natural Health Care. My pastor’s wife mentioned this wonderful place, and the second I looked at their website, I knew this was where I was called to be. I instantly messaged Melissa and asked to shadow her.

I had my first appointment as a patient the following day and started as an employee two and a half months later. All the glory goes to God for the doors opened and this wonderful place he guided Melissa to create!

This is in fact my home and I’m eager to serve our patients with love, faith and hope!