A staff photo of patient advocate Cori Alexander. She is a young woman with very curly auburn hair wearing a bright red blouse.

Cori A, BS, CECP

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner | Patient Advocate

About Cori

Cori was a dual-sport athlete and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health from McPherson College. During her time as an athlete, she experienced severe mental health and muscular issues. While seeking out treatments from several doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, she received no answers nor any relief. She began to try a holistic approach and found remedies which sparked her passion for health and wellness.

She prayed to be guided to a community where they can help others grow while simultaneously helping her grow. She was led to Covenant Natural Health Care and eventually joined the team.

When Cori is not at Covenant Natural Health Care, she enjoys working out at the gym, spending time in nature, and studying metaphysics.