The staff photo of certified health coach Becky Sweeten. She is a woman in her thirties with chin length blonde hair wearing a dark blue sleeveless blouse with ruffle detailing.

Becky S, Certified Health Coach

Practice Manager

Advanced Muscle Response Testing Practitioner

About Becky

Becky started with Covenant Natural Health Care as a patient in 2017 and realized almost immediately that she wanted to be a part of things in some way. She had been seeking medical help for several years, and Melissa was the only one who was able to get to the root cause and help for long-term health. She feels better now than she did in her 20s, as she frequently tells others!

After over a decade in the fitness industry and being a certified group exercise instructor, certified personal trainer, certified Pilates reformer instructor and certified health coach, she decided the next step should be to go back to school to become a Muscle Response Testing Practitioner. She feels so blessed to be able to help patients restore their health, like Melissa helped her with this method of testing! When not at Covenant Natural Health Care, Becky loves spending time with her husband, Jon, and their kids, Ben and Lilly.