A photo of founder and owner Melissa Dyer Fredrick. She is a young woman in her thirties with long blonde hair wearing a pink blouse and jeans.

About Us – The Story Of Covenant Natural Health Care

How did Melissa get here?

As a registered nurse I took a pledge, known as the Florence Nightingale pledge. Part of it states that as a nurse you will “not knowingly administer any harmful drugs.”

My dad had a saying that I now consider a very valuable life lesson. That saying is, “It’s not a shame to be ignorant, but it is a shame to stay ignorant.” During my season in the two hospitals that I worked for, something inside my heart didn’t feel right about administering all of the medications. Why were we giving these without educating them on how they could get healthier and not need them? But as a nurse, I just did what I was told; bent the rules so I could adhere to all the hospital politics that were humanly impossible and gathered my paycheck.

After a few years, I could no longer “stay ignorant”. I began researching. I began questioning. I began opening my eyes to see that what I was doing was no longer what I sought to be as a nurse. There had to be something better.

I became angry and began asking a lot of “why’s”.  Why did I choose nursing? Why did I leave a career as a nail technician? I had twelve years of experience, a clientele that became my family, and I made a good living. I was respected more as a nail technician than I was as a nurse. Why did I go into debt with student loans to hate what I was doing? I hated the way I felt as a nurse because I truly thought I was going to help people to get well., and that was not the case. After seeing the same patients come in and out of the hospital with nothing more than a longer page of medications and more intense symptoms, I felt the system was failing people and I no longer wanted to be a part of this corruption. It’s not in my DNA to bend to things that are unethical.

As a devoted Christ follower, I put my trust in Him and believed that He would properly guide me to a career that would fulfill His purpose for my life and my desire to help people. In 2010 I scrolled through the internet looking for answers when I found a local holistic clinic called Covenant Natural Health Care. Over the next few months, I would continue walking in faith as I took steps to own this amazing clinic!

What I envisioned for my future wouldn’t come close to what God had in store. Each day as I started this journey was a hand-in-hand trust walk with Him.  I was seeing people getting well, avoiding meds and surgeries, and living out the dream of being a true nurse. My hard work in nursing school and restless nights pondering my “whys” had paid off.

To this day I consider it a privilege and honor to call Covenant Natural Health Care my home away from home. For those that serve with me, I call them my family and friends. It is my desire that each person that walks through our doors feel the presence of our Creator and know that He gets all glory and honor.

Our healing comes from Him, and we here at Covenant Natural Health Care get to be a part of the journey with you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and hopefully you will feel that you are right at home!