A large banner with the slogan of Covenant Natural Health Care. The slogan reads, "Natural is the way to health"
A group photo of the entire staff of Covenant Natural Health Care.

Discover the real possibility of restoring and maintaining your health – NATURALLY

Covenant Natural Health Care offers multiple holistic modalities to provide healing from the inside out, the way that God intended.  Our practitioners use multiple modalities to analyze the body in order to determine the underlying causes of illness and non-optimum health. Our core values and focus are to give you support, tools, education and empowerment so you can restore and maintain your optimum health and keep it that way!

Holistic Health Services

Owner Melissa Dyer Fredrick administering Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Response Testing

A patient receiving nurse practitioner services at Covenant Natural Health Care.

Nurse Practitioner Services

A patient receiving Emotion Code treatment.

Emotion Code

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